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Gerontology: the study of aging

Aging. This may seem like a weird thing to talk about on a web page.  But everybody's aging, so why not talk about it? 


Gerontology is one of the academic lenses through which I see the world, and it is, by nature, related to all other disciplines.  "How so?" you may ask. 

To answer that and some of life's other persistent questions, I will publish articles and share the work of others from this interdisciplinary field. 

Gerontology helps me tie together my eclectic interests.  I dream of creating intergenerational programming on farms, and in rural communities, that preserves agricultural knowledge and rural culture, while bringing visitors from around the world to share in an knowledge and culture exchange.

I may, at some point, hang my shingle as a private geriatric care manager.  I have a particular passion for working with rural folks.  Living in rural areas has some unique joys and challenges.  I hope to help rural communities build more formal and informal supports to allow rural folks to continue to live vibrant lives, no matter their age or stage in life.



B.S. Aging Studies
Ithaca College

I started as a music major on the French horn, with an "outside field" of Aging Studies.  It seemed like a good fit for an outside field, seeing as how I had worked in homecare and cared for family members.  I had chronic pain after a year of playing horn in music school, so I picked up classical guitar.  COVID hit and made many of us re-evaluate our lives;  I decided to drop my music major and graduate early with my B.S. in Aging Studies.  


Beginning Woman Farmer program
Holistic Management International

This was an amazing program that taught management practices based on regenerative agriculture.


A.S. Liberal Arts
Alfred State College

While fulfilling my liberal arts requirements, I took as many agriculture classes as I could.  I also volunteered in the intergenerational community garden and the music programs at Alfred University.

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