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Unwind from the Grind

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

After an intense academic year, I made it my mission to "unwind from the grind." I had in mind a backpacking trip that would take me across 500 miles of hiking trails in my home state. After the brutal murder of a hiker on the Appalachian Trail this spring, I became somewhat discouraged with my quest to complete the long-distance hike this summer. Additionally, the responsibilities of adulthood presented obstacles to my spending a continuous month in the woods. After reevaluating my reasons for the hike, I discovered that what I really needed was not one whole month alone in the wilderness.


Music for Fun

While at The Haunt in Ithaca waiting for Tank and the Bangas to start, I spotted this poster of a familiar New Orleans band.


Family & Friends

Burton & Tom tailgating at a musical gathering. We live in a musically-rich part of New York State. We regularly have jams, a low-stress environment for people to come together in making music. Tom's a luthier and Burton writes children's stories, and his claim to fame is his notoriety as the first hippie of Allegany County.



More adventures with my most loyal companion, Penny. Penny used to herd my sheep. Now, she's back to being a cow dog and an A+ adventure companion. Penny loves swamps and playing fetch.


Quiet Moments

Chapel at Central Oak Heights, PA. I taught dance and served as a counselor to middle school students. A peaceful reprieve.



A sign I saw on my way to school every morning that made me think of my dear uncle, Spencer Bohren. June will find me in New Orleans for his celebration of life.

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